#CelebrateTheLees | Our Wedding Website!

Remember awhile back when we were deciding which layout to use for our wedding website?! Time to announce the winner!

And it is ISHIMOTO!

ROVER  was definitely a close second (and crowd favorite)! Really tried to make it work. But there were a lot of moving parts within the layout option and in the end wanted something that wasn't too cumbersome to manage.

Sharing a little snipbits of our website. Knew that we didn't want one of the generic wedding website makers where it appends your names at the end of it. Since I already had a squarespace account, I just created another website through them! That way we could have a unique domain of our own.

Wanted to added our engagement photos to the website taken by the amazing Vicki Grafton!

We thought this would be good one stop shop for all the wedding information for the guests to look to. We'll send out the information when mailing out the invites but thought this would be an easy reference to look to.

Did some digging and looked up some local fun activities in the area in case folks arrive earlier! I wanted to add some fun local eats as well. Any recommendations?

We hate to ask for anything for our wedding. A good amount of items we already own and think that guests' presence is good enough! We've put a small registry together towards Honeyfund (Helping fund our Honeymoon trip); Target (Who doesn't love Target?!) and West Elm (If we had the room, would furnish our whole place with West Elm items :P )

For our last tab, in case guests had any additional questions/concerns, they can sent an email to us. Also on this page, wanted to add some interactive fun with some polling questions!

#CelebrateTheLees | Save the Dates

Finished our Save the Dates y'all!  Word is out. It’s official. We're doing this! If you have been following on Instagram stories, I've been posting the progress and little polls on different choices. Thank you for all those who have been following along and commenting! I really like hearing all the thoughts and honestly, have been terrible on making the decisions on my own. LOL.

Wanted to document some photos on blog, something a little more permanent and able to look back on later on.

The Inspiration. Knew I wanted a mix of typography and calligraphy. Inspired by ivory and blue grey hues.

The Process. With the help of the genius and talented sister, Julie Ha Calligraphy, was able to have the most wonderful save the dates created! A big shout out to her and if you haven't seen her work, head over to her site! Super fortunate to have such a talented sister!

We tried a few different ideas. At first, thought it would be neat to use vellum to print on. But come to find it was a lot thicker than I had imagine. Julie used her watercoloring skills to do some mockups. One with a mountain sketch cause Robert and I like to hike and one without. That was one of the first polls, Mountain vs No Mountain. Decision to go with no mountain since it was a simpler and cleaner look. Believe with the watercolor itself can create the illusion of mountain feel.

Next up, envelopes. Since the save the dates themselves were on an ivory/cream paper, wanted something with a little contrast. Poll number two, which color envelopes. Went with a slate color envelope where my sister wrote calligraphy on the front. I had bought a embosser with our return address. Didn't want my sister to have to write so much and trying to think efficiently. Lastly, got to seal up the lovely envelope. Two separate dilemmas, color of the wax and whether or not to have a monogrammed seal. Soooo last poll! Though any other time I am a lover of a gold wax seal, thought the white tied in with the save the date. Also went with no monogram since there was a lot going on with the return address on the backflip already, didn't want to add more complex detailing.

So, what do you guys think of the whole Save the Date suite?