pet packing list for a road trip

With this being our first road trip with Bear, wanted to make sure we brought the necessary items to help ease our trip. Did some research online, there were so many helpful tips and things I didn't even think about. Like Vaccination papers! Depending on the location you and your furry friend are traveling to, the items will vary. Since we went took a winter trip to the cabin, here are some of our must have items.

01  |  Waste Bags

02  |  Portable water/food bowl with the amount of food need for the trip

03  |  Vaccination Papers to participate in certain activities/events and in case of emergencies

04  |  Towel to clean up dirty paws/dry up in case of rain/snow

05  |  Pet wipes to clean up any messes

06  |  Canned Pumpkin in case your pet has an upset stomach, this will help stablize it

07  |  Rawhide

08  |  Outdoor coat for hiking

09  |  Portable water bottle, great way to carry water for your pet

10  |  Plenty of treats

11  |  Stain/Odor Remover in case of any accidents

12  |  Travel shampoo in case the furry one gets dirty

13  |  First aid kit

14  |  Plush pillow and blanket

15  |  Toys that your pet play with often

16  |  Stuffable treat like a kong