#CelebrateTheLees | Nine Months to go!

Technically, 8.5 months now. Had this in the queue but never actually schedule to post this! HA.

With going through my very own wedding planning, thought to share our thoughts on how we are accomplishing things in hopes maybe it will help other couples that are going through the same thing. So many people have told me, "your wedding is going to be beautiful". Sometimes, a little bit of pressure, in the end, still an ordinary gal planning a wedding as well. I spend most of my time making decisions on shoots or helping couples with recommendations/suggestions for their wedding. There are days, I have to say, hate to make the decisions for our own wedding. Not particularly picky, just want our guests to have a wonderful time!


  • Picked a Venue

Photo Credit: Katie Stoops

Tuckahoe Plantation. We were drawn to the southern plantation feel and love the idea of outdoor dining and good conversation. Robert particularly love the idea of the tradition of "Burying the Bourbon". Find a spot by the old oak tree a month before your wedding and you’ll be promised good weather on your wedding day!

  • Said Yes to the Dress!

Woozers, there are SO many gowns out there! I had an idea of what I was drawn to but definitely kept an open mind when trying on gowns. My sister said, "You usually end up in a gown that you didn't think you would pick". Went to three different bridal places to try on gowns. I knew that I didn't want to try on too many because I know there will always be more and more gowns. Wanted to stay within a reasonable budget range and find out that I felt happy in.

  • Photographer, DJ, Cater, Florist, Hair + Makeup, and Hotel Blocks booked!

Not to shabby right?! What I found most helpful being an event planner on the side is that I got a chance to meet so many wonderful vendors. So when it came time to select vendors for our own wedding, wanted to pick ones that appealed/had similar aesthetic that we were going for.


  • Find an officiant

Why is it so hard to find an officiant in Virginia?! Had probably put in 5+ inquiries, I think the most common response back is that Tuckahoe Plantation is too far. :/ We're tempted to find a friend that will be able to say a few words for us for the ceremony. But who?! :P

  • Rentals

Looking for long farm tables and bistro chairs to create that Al fresco feel dining! We know that this and catering will probably be our biggest ticket items. There is a possibility of shared rental with another bride whom wedding is on the Friday before. Hopefully we will be able to save on cost by sharing.

  • Send Save the Dates

Thank you so much for those who have been responding/voting on different chooses on Instagram stories! Love having it be an interactive experience. I'm so used to making decisions, kind of using this as fun experiment! Waiting for envelopes to come in and hopefully can send those out soon!

  • Wedding Website

About 95% done! Woohoo! Just putting some final touches! :]

I think we're doing pretty well so far don't you think?! For all the lovely married couples out there, any advice/words of wisdom?! :]