First Birthday Sign

While cleaning up some photos on my phone, came across and was reminded of another birthday sign I had done for a friend. Her daughter's first birthday was last month but it's too cute not to share. Remember the first sign I did?! Same concept with a girly twist! :D

My friend was thinking of a purple/pink/flower theme for her daughter. Such a wonderful idea for a little girl! Wanted to add a first birthday sign to show the "One" year milestone with some stats and some of the birthday girl's favorite things.

Same as the first sign, got a black foam board at AC Moore that was 18 x 22. Had sketched out on regular 8.5 x 11 paper (not pictured) of what the concept would be like. Help layout where the wordings would go and can easily edit before working with the large board.

For the flower theme, tried not to take it too literal (cause I do not make/draw very pretty flowers) So I found some floral printables and printed that out. Then punched the edges to create a lovely fan. Picked two floral patterns and two solids to balance it out.

For the colors, found this absolutely beautiful lavender pen to write the birthday girl's name. White and Gold were the other colors I used for the lettering.

Ruler and Pencil were definitely my friend. 

Didn't want all to be lettering/text so found some cute baby icons on Pinterest. Found icons favorites for:

  • Toy
  • Food
  • Song
  • Book

Some other icons that were added were:

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Number of Teeth

My friend wanted to include some things that her daughter loves to do at the age of 1 so she could remember for later on. My favorite was the, "roar like a tiger"! So stinking cute!