how to pack for a weekend cabin trip

Greetings from Savage River Lodge! Excited to be taking some time off for the first time this year. (I know, first vacation in December?!) Robert and I along with Bear are taking a mini vacation to a cabin in Maryland. I think this will be a nice time to unwind, unplug and relax before it gets really busy for the holidays. Had this post queued up while prepping for the trip. Today I will be sharing a few of my outfit picks for what to pack for a cabin trip. Goal was to keep the items simple and comfy. Sticking to the basics.

01  |  Chunky Scarf, Old from Gap (Similar here, here, and here)

02  |  Checkered Scarf, Old from Forever 21 (Similar herehere and here)

03  |  Hat and Mittens, Old from H&M (Similar here - hathere - mittens)

04  |  Cozy socks (here and here)

05  |  Tee, Old from Jcrew (Similar here)

06  |  Tee, Handme down from Sister from Jcrew Factory (Similar here)

07  |  Flannel Button up Shirt

08  |  Button up shirt, Old from Anthropologie (Similar herehere, and here)

09  |  Vest Jacket, Old from H&M (Similar here and here)

10  |  Cowl Neck Sweater

11  |  Chucky Sweater, Old from Gap (Similar here

12  |  Chucky Shawl Cardigan

13  |  Leggings, Old from Target but they continue to have these!

14  |  Jeans, Old from Gap (Similar here)

15  |  Boots

16  |  Tennis Shoes, Old from Nike (Similar here)