estate sale

There the saying, "one man's trash is another man's treasure". I have been on a search for a dresser for awhile now. My friend Marie, who is a guru in finding unique vintage furniture had pointed me to Estate Sales. Hadn't think to go to one of those, been looking on Craiglist mostly or hoping to find a deal online. Estate Sales are located nationwide, you can find estate sales, tag sales, and audition based on state.

The one we went to was in Alexandria, Virginia. The address would be listed a few days before the sale but photos of the different items being sold would be on website. The website was easy to navigate and when you're at the actual estate sale, there are people who work the payout station. Also employees to carry out the bigger items like a dresser or table out of the house. You would just have to find your own way to transporting the item home. I ended up taking the dresser in the last picture home! More on that to come soon!

What is great about the estate sale is that unlike a yard sale, you can find "vintage" type items instead of just everyday type things. Then you can take the piece and update and make it your own. Here are a few photos from the estate sale, very charming type items.