december daily album | week two

Week one of December Daily done. Now for Week two! I have to admit, keeping up with the daily photos and journaling is a lot more difficult than I thought. You can definitely fall behind fairly quickly. 

Here is a look at Week Two:

Day 6 (Continued) and Day 7

To continue with Day 6 Party photos, on the top pocket, inserted some wrapping paper. Then added a red Martha Stewart Craft Label. On the bottom pocket, added a 4x6 photo of the buffet table from the holiday party.

Went with a four pocket view for Day 7's layout. For the upper left corner, used some leftover kraft polka dot wrapping paper from Target. Inserted a simple date/month on cardstock created in Word. At the bottom, printed out a 4x6 photo from "Run with Santa 5k" and cut it in half and inserted it into the remaining pockets.

Day 8 and Day 9


Mixed up the type of photos by adding a polaroid for day 8. On the upper left corner, took a picture of our mini christmas tree and added some embellishment with a gold safety pin. Added a pine tree left to the back of the kraft polka dot paper. Bottom left, inserted the same wrapping paper in red. Lastly, I took a picture of the wreath I have up on the door and added a glitter number 8 top.

Day 9, Hot Chocolate Bar day! Added a 4x6 photo from that day. Then in the bottom pocket, wrote a little about the hot chocolate bar (second year doing it!).

Day 10 and Day 11


Back to a two pocket view for Day 10 and 11. Continuing with trying to keep some white space and clean lines. For Day 10, on the top pocket, kept with the simple date/month and wrote a little bit about addressing cards for the first time. Then added a photo of addressing cards with a side of oraments and coffee!

Day 11, inserted our actual holiday card for 2014 from Artifact Uprising. We really wanted to feature Bear this year with the card saying, "Wishing you a "Beary" happy holidays!" :]

Day 11 and Day 12

Used a mailing label and date stamp and added to the envelope and secured it with a red/white paper clip. 

For Day 12, found these kraft bags earlier in the year at Target (Dollar section) and added some stocking prints. These are from cards I had from a while back (also Target) and just took them off the card and adhered it the kraft bag. Inside the kraft bag, I printed out Bear's wishlist on a smaller scale and punched a hole and added some ribbon.

Day 12 and Day 13

Back of the kraft bag, added a simple date/month for Day 12. 

Ended the week with a day in dog sitting Bear's brother, Miso! Wild night, I tell ya! ;] Printed a 4x6 photo and cut it in half for the upper pockets. For the lower left pocket, found this wonderful free christmas tree printable. For the last pocket, cut out simple cardstock and adhered a mailing label with a date stamp.