december daily album | week three

Can you believe it's Christmas?! This year has flown by! Hope everyone is having a wonderfuly holiday season! What do you and your loved ones have planned for the holiday season? 

Week three of December Daily was a week of celebrations! Lots of december babies :D

Day 14 and Day 15

Day 14, had celebrated a friend's daughter's first birthday. Happy to have been able to share this special day. For the layout, I scaled down the birthday invite to fit in the 2x2 page. Added a picture of the birthday girl. Added a letter "E" for the birthday girl and a simple gold star for the last filler card.

I went with a full 5.5 x 8.5 page for day 15. Simple monday night meal and sharing a little bit about wanted to get a kick start on eating healthier for the new year. 

Day 16 and Day 17

Another full picture for day 16. if you look closely, you can see our furry loved one that wanted to be in the picture. Too funny not to include! In the picture, it has our individual stockings and a reindeer "mugshot" hehehe.

Day 17, back to the 2x2 page layout. Added pictures of wrapping gifts and holiday chocolate. Then a simple filler card with the date. I had some red mini folder with empty label so I added some kitchen twine and a button to fill one of hte pockets.

Day 18 and Day 19

On December 18, had an early birthday dinner for my sister, Natalie. I had some brown kraft paper and added some white cake base paper and added date using a stamp. We had had dinner at Olive Garden so I printed out a part of the menu and added that in. Had previously had some Martha Stewart cards that says "who, what, where and when". This was great to journal a bit about the day. And of course added a picture of the birthday girl!

Didn't have much going on December 19 so I simplity added this lovely wrapping paper printable and added a divider label with the date.

Day 19 and Day 20

On the back side of Day 19, added a list of favorite holiday songs. For Natalie's actual birthday, I pulled in a picture from the early birthday dinner. Also had holiday lunch with a friend at True Food Kitchen, printed a picture of our food. ;] Inserted a simple filler card with the date and wrote a bit about it.