december daily album | week four

And just like that, the holidays is over but from what I stated early on before starting the album. I wanted to document all 31 days of December. 

Here are the pages for Week Four:

Day 21 and Day 22

It was a lazy Sunday indeed for Day 21. In the morning, we got Bear his first ever "puppachino". It's whipped cream and we believe that he really enjoyed it. Also finished baking the last three batches of cookies to bring into work. Usually I divide up the cookies and give on tray to Robert to bring into this work. Here I just created a filler card that said "Today" and the date and wrote about the day. Added a picture of Bear with his puppachino. For the bottom pocket, I added a picture of a few of the cookies I baked.

For Day 22, my friend Kevin was back in town from grad school. We went to the Caps game against the Senators. In the 2x2 pocket, I added the picture of the rink. Then at one of the stand, grabbed a 2014-2015 season schedule which fit perfectly into the bottom pocket. For the last pocket, I cut up some graph paper and added the moose wood veener. 

Day 23 and Day 24

Had a holiday work lunch on Day 23. We went to Jackson's, one of the great American Restuarants. They have such a wonderful selection of food. That day, I decided to go with Short Smoked Grilled Salmon Salad - Asparagus, tomatoes and field greens with champagne vinaigrette & a deviled egg with pecans. Before leaving, I picked up one of the Restaurant cards and cut it down to fit into the 2x2 pocket. I had a gold envelope that I cut down and added a flag and gold number 23. 

Day 24 I documented the homemade gifts I worked on this year. I ordered these wooden slices and handlettered some sayings on them to give as gifts. My friend Marie had a small request to write some herbs in calligraphy. She wanted to include herb markers with this garden kit she was going to give to her sister. I inserted a simple filler card with the date in a semi circle and wrote about the day.

Day 25 and Day 26

Christmas Day, had a quite a few things going on that day from going to my parents' house. Then heading over to Robert's family's house. I wanted to include a picture of me and my siblings. We don't usually get to have a picture of all four of us. I made this gag gift of these tshirts that said, "World's Okayest Sister (or Brother)" and all of us wore it! I inserted brown cardstock and placed gold sticker numbers and wrote in pen about the day.

Day 26 was Bear's first birthday! Had a small gathering with my sister and her dog Miso. The pups played together and had made them some pup cakes! For the humans, made a simple lunch with some dumplings.  Originally, I wanted do photobooth strips for Bear but I had forgotten that day so I placed a picture of Bear in his birthday hat and his pup cake. Inserted a gold letter "B" and wrote a little note about Bear.