the wedding emergency kit

Can't believe less than one week from today, my little sister will be getting married. Let the countdown begin! Weddings can be pretty hectic and sometimes things may be forgotten. Wanted to be prepared for the big day with these just in case items! Had gotten bags that could hold all the items but also be used later on. These were purchased from West Elm (Found here) The size below is a Medium bag (9"w x 11.5"l) Thought to add a special touch with a monogram of the bridal party's first initial.

The items below were found in the travel section of Target. But you should be able to find these almost anywhere.

Complete List:

  1. Bug Spray
  2. Static Guard
  3. Clear Nail Polish
  4. Lint Roller
  5. Shout Wipe Remover
  6. Eye Drops
  7. Lotion
  8. Tissues
  9. Travel Sewing Kit
  10. Mints
  11. Hairspray
  12. Deodorant
  13. Comb
  14. Bobby Pins/Hair Tie
  15. Advil
  16. Band Aids
  17. Floss
  18. Chapstick
  19. Safety Pins
  20. Anti Bacterial Gel
  21. Mouthwash

What do you put in your Emergency Kit?