#CelebrateTheLees | Picking a Wedding Website Layout

Since our engagement is a little longer, had been putting off creating a wedding website. Now that we've entered 2017, better jump on things! Knew that we wanted to go with Squarespace to create our website on. Advantage is that my business website is currently through Squarespace so there was a familiarity of how to use it. What I love about Squarespace is that it is user friendly and so many beautiful templates to play with. Which also makes it hard too because there are quite a few that we love. We wanted a site that had a bit of cleaner/modern lines but at the same time soften it up with an organic/natural feel from our engagement photos. Where guests can easily navigate to find information about the wedding. Sharing a few that we had narrowed down to and hope to make a final decision in the next few weeks!

No. 1__     ISHIMOTO

Love the idea of showcasing a mini gallery in the front page of our engagement photos and had a good amount of white space where it breaks up the text and photos.

No. 2__     ROVER

Secretly was drawn to this template cause of the dogs. I know! HA. We thought the scrolling aspect of this template was intriguing. Everything can be found by just scrolling instead of clicking through each link but still had the option too if you wanted to use it.

No. 3__     WELLS

Want some white space?! This template definitely got it! We like that and also the way the links are placed on this template. Stacked in a column as opposed to horizonally across a page.

We think we know which one we are leaning towards. Which one do you think we are going to choose? Would love to hear your thoughts!